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Monday, May 01, 2006

How to: The Clarion Content 

Hello there, dear visitor!

We imagine that if you have followed this link you are looking for a little more information about the Clarion Content.

The Clarion Content is a Durham, North Carolina based internet journal. We have drawn inspiration from, among many, many, other sources, Ben Franklin's, Poor Richard's Almanac. We aspire to be a clarion call to action on important political issues, but also we hope to inform and entertain across a wide array of topics, from food to sports to practical advice to things that need to be invented.

Please note, in effort to keep the main Clarion Content page clean and readable, yet still handle the massive information flows of the 21st century, we have recently broken the Clarion Content into subsections; Politics and Policy, Pop Culture, and Sports. These subsections will sometimes have articles that are also on the main Clarion Content page. They will also have other shorter pieces and more topic specific links.

Incidentally on the matter of links, possibly you already know, but for those who don't: anything you roll the mouse over that comes up underlined is link. They are in a different color font, too. These links will transport you to fabulous and outlandish places. Please be aware that a link implies neither endorsement by the Clarion Content of said destination, nor that the destination endorses the Clarion Content. They are just grist for the mill, food for thought. They don't work for or with us, and we don't necessarily even agree with them. (It's a big scary internet out there, don't believe everything you read.)

We welcome your comments and do our best to respond to them. Comments can be made with a free Google ID (if you have Gmail, you already have one,) or anonymously.

We also encourage reader submitted material. See something cool, outrageous, outlandish, important? Have a great cause or website? Send us the link.

Our community building is only as good as our collective contributions.

We are also always actively soliciting guest columnists. We are open to all points of view, especially those that challenge and therefore stimulate our own. Civilized argument is the crucible of great ideas.

If you are interested in being a guest columnist or have any other questions, thoughts or concerns that you prefer we address directly, please do not hesitate to email us at: clarioncontent@gmail.com

Please also email us if any of the links are inoperable. (though do be aware that some links will eventually age away...)

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