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Monday, November 06, 2006

A few Monday after quickies 

Joe Paterno

How’s about poor, old Joe Paterno getting his leg broken? Youch. A seventy-nine year old dude breaking a leg, brutal, right? But ask yourself, how tough is he? First, of all, 90% of us aren’t working when we get to seventy-nine. Heck, life expectancy for males in America is less than seventy-nine. But here’s Joe Pa not only making it to seventy-nine, but still working full time in a high pressure job, where people publically call for his dismissal in the newspaper when he doesn’t succeed. And, oh by the by, with this job there is the risk of high impact, leg breaking, tendon tearing collisions, at seventy-nine. So Saturday Joe Pa, he breaks his seventy-nine year old leg and tears a few tendons, on a sideline hit where multiple teenage bodies crash. Monday after surgery, he is asking for the game plan for next week versus Temple. They're gonna need a separate grave for this guy’s stones when they finally bury him.

From the Penn State school paper

Ugly video clip of the injury

late breaking news, mighty Joe Pa will coach this coming week!!!

Steve Marucci

Just a quick word of advice for Coach Marucci from the Clarion’s editorial board, “Don’t take the Michigan State job!!!” Coach, whaddya kidding? Did your time with the Lions fuse your neurons that badly? We at the Clarion remember when you used to be known as an innovative, even sharp guy. Michigan State??! You never want to be second fiddle in your home state recruiting. Coach, we know you are good buddies with Tom Izzo, but perhaps you are familiar with a certain program down the road a piece, in Ann Arbor, Maize and Blue uniforms…Coach Mooch, come on, there a ten better places you could get hired in the next two years. Cool your jets. You have only had a year off. Are you driving the wife that crazy, already? If you really must have a quixotic challenge, hold out for the Arizona Cardinals job, coming open in a little more than two months. Benefits include: Arizona’s history insures success makes you a hero, it is the kind of warm climate you like, one of the fastest growing areas in the United States and heck, it is even a good time to buy a house in Phoenix, prices having finally peaked in recent months, in one of the frothiest of housing markets. Oh and did we mention, on the field this job comes with a great young quarterback, Matt Leinart, Edgerrin James and two young studly wideouts, Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

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