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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Unemployed in Virginia? 

Future fate of Virginia House of Delegates members?

Unemployed in Virginia, too darn bad, so says the Republican controlled Virginia House of Delegates, who yesterday made their state the first to officially reject federal stimulus money. The petty, but employed, members of the Virginia House spit in the face of the less fortunate, turning down $125 million in federal money targeted for the unemployed.

Virgina's unemployment rate is lower than the national average but has doubled in the past year. In a vote largely along party lines, Virginia's Republicans voiced a loud and clear, "Who cares?" These folks who are members of the House of Delegates rake in over $17,000 per annum for a part-time job that last 45 days a year. (on a full-time, two week vacation basis that pro-rates to over $98k a year.)

But you, you leeches on unemployment, they'll be no extra $25 bucks a week for you. In Virginia the Republicans have it all figured out, "Let them eat cake."

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