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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yanks do a partial cave on ticket prices 

Thanks to Reuters for this shot of the empty premium seats at Yankee Stadium.

The Clarion Content has been banging on about the ridiculously overpriced tickets at the new Yankee Stadium since the day they announced the pricing plan. It was and is an outrage. They have gotten their comeuppance, though, with Wall Street and the bankers fubar, the highest priced tickets have had major sales issues. This has led to the ugly spectacle of sold-out cheap seats in Yankee Stadium, while whole sections of the best seats sit empty.

Yesterday the Yankees, who have been taking a beating on sports talk radio over the issue announced an attempt to save some public relations face. Fans who bought $2,500 first-row season tickets in sections 16-24A will receive an equal number of free first-row seats for each of this season's remaining regular-season games. According the Wall Street Journal there are also complimentary-ticket plans for fans who purchased season tickets at $1,250, $850, $600, $500, and $325 per game.

The Wall Street Journal quoted a Long Island lawyer and Yankee season ticket holder who cuts to the heart of the chase about the pricing issues of Yankee tickets, "The starting price is so high they've killed our opportunities in the secondary market," said Mr. Dinhofer, who, like many season-ticket holders, has struggled to sell tickets he can't use. "We can't move our tickets."

Read the who article here.

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