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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joe Buck's an ass 

Sanctimonious ass Joe Buck was totally embarrassed on his first episode of his pathetic sports show. Buck is a two faced loser. He is the very same man who excoriated Randy Moss on national television for a mooning gesture offered to the Green Bay Packer fan base at Lambeau Field. His first episode of his new show he hosts, in an attempt to push the humor envelope, he features live Artie Lang stand-up comedy. Lang is a regular on the toilet humor imbued, profanity laced Howard Stern program. He let rip with a segment that made HBO blush. Buck, class act that he is, had his two young daughters in the audience. Hypocrite, through and through, Buck after the television show did ten extra minutes of live podcast with Lang, then the next day claimed he was shocked and appalled by Lang's humor.

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We would have embedded the video to emphasize the point, but HBO has yanked it from You Tube. Follow the link embedded to the Huffington Post to see an excerpt from Lang's appearance.
The MEP Report also has the video here.
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