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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Petros and Money 

Petros and Money do bang-up radio

The Clarion Content's Sports Editor has happened upon an excellent, new (to our offices) sports talk radio show. Here is a little background on what we listen to at the office. We have long been Jim Rome fans, since he was working on Extra Sports 690 in San Diego. We were also aficionados of the now broken up duo, Mike and the Mad Dog, long of sports radio 660 WFAN, New York City.

We still listen to Rome, the best interviewer doing sports talk radio, when the midday opportunity avails itself, he is on 12pm until 3pm locally in Durham. We stream WFAN's Mike Francesca from the station's website, though he takes half the Summer off and is replaced by lesser lights. We also enjoy the podcasts of ESPN's best writer and Jimmy Kimmel's pal, Bill Simmons.

It was just recently that our local sports talk radio station "620 the Bull" started carrying the syndicated Fox Radio show, "Petros and Money" which is hosted by KLAC AM 570 out of Los Angeles. These two guys are a hilarious combo. They have some of the modern, moderately vulgar humor of the Jim Rome show and Bill Simmons, as well as their pop culture references. Petros and Money are knowledgeable about their sports. They wear their homer-ism proudly on their respective sleeves for teams such as the LA Dodgers and the USC Trojans, which is an attitude and a mindset the Clarion Content respects.

They are funny, smart, big city perspective guys. They know how to cover a national story. They have some fascinating and creative bits including alternate personalities such as dating advice guru Lance Romance, a persona assumed by Petros Papadakis and Matt "Money" Smith's financial adviser alter-ego, Vance Finance, who distributes fiscal wisdom over their airwaves. They also do, "I'm a horse," Mondays and "Win Forever," Wednesdays with USC Coach Pete Carroll.

In Durham, they air at 7pm normally, unless the lowly, local station hacks are screwing up the programming with some kind of lame high school football show or Appalachian State football call-in garbage. Rarely does Durham feel more podunk than when this happens. Stand by while we get the injury report on the junior split-end for Wake Forest Rolesville High School. Let's talk about a Division I-AA football school that's more than 150 miles distant. Pul-leeze! We can't flip the dial fast enough. Unfortunately, we have yet to discover a place to stream Petros and Money. If any of you dear readers know, please advise us. Thanks!

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