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Friday, October 30, 2009

How bad are the Knicks? 

"Wait, we suck, and our future depends how these two guys hit it off?" --- Knicks Fans

How bad are the Knicks?

It may be difficult to plumb the depths of that question this early in the NBA season. To try to put it in perspective, the Knicks lost last night to a Charlotte Bobcats team that scored a brutally awful 59 points in their season opener against the Celtics. This team beat the Knicks! And they, Charlotte, beat the Knicks despite their star player Gerald Wallace going a putrid 4 for 20 from the field.

The Knicks are so bad that this year's squad will bring back memories of those Knicks teams where Bernard King blew out his knee and Patrick Ewing was first drafted, the very nadir of the franchise, back to back 58 and 59 loss seasons. Worse yet, the Knicks are still being held hostage by the Isiah Thomas debacle. The Knicks might have the worst record in the league this year, but they won't reap the draft day benefits, Isiah traded their 2010 first round draft pick. (Without getting it lottery protected!)

Knicks fans knew this season was going to be a lousy. Donnie Walsh was given leeway to deconstruct the mess that Isiah made with plans to land a big free agent (LeBron) at the end of this campaign. Now even that ray of light appears to depend on whether or not the NBA approves the sale of the New Jersey Nets to a Russian oligarch. The Knicks need LeBron, the second fiddle free agents this off-season are not LeBron's caliber. Chris Bosh, pul-leeze. D-Wade is in LeBron's vicinity on the talent scale, but his body has absorbed years of beating already and the Clarion Content believes his statistical fall-off will be precipitous and not that far distant.

Despite re-signing the dynamic young duo of David Lee and Nate Robinson, the Knicks could be staring the worst record in the conference in the face.

Oy, another tough year in the Garden.

"Let's go Rangers!"

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