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Monday, June 27, 2011

Kia spoof? 

Is this Kia advert a spoof?

Side one

It reminds of us of an even more racy fake Puma ad we posted about a while back. The Cleveland Leader says it is not a spoof. And that in fact, it won Kia an award at advertising's Cannes Lions Festival. We wonder. Really with the obvious sexual implications here? France, qui sait?

Side two

Follow this link to see the panels shown side by side.


So, pedophilia is now funny? We can laugh at a teacher molesting a student entrusted to his care? This will sell cars?

I don't understand how this can be justified.
After viewing this horribly offensive, insensitive and just plain stupid advertisement, I decided to contact Kia directly to give them my opinion on the poor decision made by some advertising exec. A quick tour of their website, revealed that I cannot actually email them a comment without first registering and giving them my personal information including vehicle identification number. No way! Translation: if you don’t already own one of our cars, we don’t care what you think. So, I figured I'd call them at their Consumer Assistance Center 800 - 333 - 4KIA (4542). The only problem with my plan was that at 10:35 PM on a Saturday night, the only division available was roadside assistance. I decided not to waste cell minutes, and screw some poor bastard who was unlucky enough to own one of their cars, but it might be some sort of revenge to clog up their phone lines with numerous simultaneous calls on the subject. Instead, I will try calling again on Monday. Just so you are aware, Ms. Magazine publishes a full page of real, offensive ads, with advertiser's contact info as the last page of their issue every quarter. The section is called "No Comment."
CP & RM- Yeah, I was shocked by this ad. I mean I am no prude, but the obvious implications juxtaposed with the kiddie imagery are mindboggling. How many people signed-off, cleared this ad before it went to print?? It is an ad for dual zone air conditioning. How many people agreed to this? What bizarre group think. An ad for car air conditioning produced this?
So as it turns out Kia is saying they are not connected to this ad which came out of an advertising agency in Brazil, was made for Kia's independent Brazilian distributor and was shown at an advertising festival in Cannes...
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