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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Durham is dank… 

Any fair-minded Durhamanian has to say that is, in part, because Duke is dank. The thought can’t help but pop into mind driving across the dirty D at 7.30am this second to last day of August. The Dukies are out and about, moving and shaking, getting more done before 9am and so on. Durham is charged with their energy. These peeps, many of them still young, shiny and new, were smart and driven enough to get into an institution that is billed in some corners as the Harvard of the South. Elsewhere the Dukies t-shirts proclaim Harvard to be the Duke of the North. The bottom-line for the denizens of Durham is that Duke brings swarms of talented, ambitious people to our town. Some of them end up loving it as much as we do and stay. After all, Durham is dank.


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