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Thursday, November 17, 2011

LiLa plays along 

This Friday, one of Clarion Content’s favorite Durham musical acts, LiLa, will be performing at the Casbah, along with Beatnam and Toon, two other groups you’ve probably heard around town as names to be on the look out for.

The Clarion Content is particularly excited for Toon. He is a Durham School of the Arts graduate, known for his live energy and beats that stay stuck in your head for hours. The first time he crossed our radar, he rapped to the Parlour for ice cream. And they gave it to him! His blend of personal charisma, pop piano, catchy lyrics, and bass on ‘Be Famous’ shows an intuitive grasp of people, what we want to hear and how we hear it. Visit his Reverb Nation site to take a listen.

Of course, most of you, dear readers, already possess a story about a great night that starts with a LiLa show. Their concoction of well-written, quick-witted lyrics, intense musicianship, hip-hop beats and sensibilities, set in a plush musical pastiche that ranges from modern jazz, to Sublime-like riffs and back to melodic swing notes, has a way of forcing even those who hate to dance to sway their hips.

And you know what we always say around here, if you can’t keep your hips still, it is a darn good sign for the music.

LiLa is a show you simply cannot miss. Period. If not now, when? If you wait, you will only ask yourself why later.

Their newest album, ‘III’ is set to release December 23rd, but you can listen to the first single, ‘8-bit kid’ here. The Clarion Content’s sources say that they will be dropping another single today. Check here. They have also partnered with Clarion Content's electric creative team, Cady Childs and Jessi Blakely, to stage a fabulous faux press conference shot in the Cordoba Center for the Arts in conjunction with Liberty Arts Foundry and featuring Bernard's Formalwear. But you know what they say---it’s not true 'til you see it in writing. Still, a picture is worth 1,000 words…

A preview of the upcoming LiLa photoshoot...Keep an eye to the Twitter for the full set soon, music fans.

Tuxedos courtesy of Bernard's Formalwear.
Space courtesy of the Cordoba Center for the Arts and Liberty Arts Foundry.
Photo by Jessi Blakely of Tamara Lackey Photography.
Styling by Cady Childs of the Clarion Content.

LiLa is playing the Casbah tomorrow night. Don't wait, pre-sale tickets for the show are available through e-tix here. Doors open at 8pm, and the show starts at 9pm. For more information on the Casbah, visit their website here.

Article by the Clarion Content's lead columnist for Culture, the Arts and Durham, Cady Childs.

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