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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LiLa III: Hip-Folk 

The Clarion Content presents:

An album debut press conference...

LiLa is:
Eli McDuffee
Jon Le Sueur
Griffin Wade
RoSean Franks
Kyle Cox

LiLa III comes to life and comes to the public this Monday, December 26th, at the MotorCo. The band spent more than three hundred hours in the studio creating their newest album. Lead singer Eli McDuffie warns, "it will bite you."

Bassist Rosean Alexander notes the band's diverse musical backgrounds feed directly into their sound, which spans the ever shrinking chasm between hip-hop and bluegrass...

The band has been grinding and attempting to make the leap. Banging away in the practice room and putting themselves out there for the Spring and Summer festival season. Hoping to play as many gigs in as many places as possible...

Forged in the fires of Durham, LiLa is bringing Durham's positivity, Durham's love and Durham's creative energy to a wider audience.

Drummer Griffin Wade assessing the band's musical drive, and why they worked so long and hard on this new album, "That's why your such a perfectionist, because you enjoy it, because you love it, you have to get it that way..."

Trombonist Mikey P. says the band has been reaching new heights, and the album has opened up their repertoire, "the music has to breathe and the music has to have room to breathe."

LiLa is Eli McDuffee, Griffin Wade, Rosean Alexander, Kyle Cox, Michael Petersen, and Jonathan Le Sueur. Come checkout the album premier, LiLa III debuts Monday, December 26th at the MotorCo.

Look for a Clarion Content exclusive interview with LiLa on these pages in the next few days.

Special thanks to all those who collaborated with the Clarion Content to make this fantastic photoshoot a reality. Stylist and Fashion Coordinator Cady Childs, Photographer Jessi Blakely, Bernard's Formalwear who provided the tuxedos, The Cordoba Center for the Arts and Julio Cordoba, Liberty Arts Foundry and Tim Werrell and Jackie MacLeod and Big Mike (who made everybody on the shoot custom bottle openers, too...) The Scrap Exchange and Ann Woodward, along with Reality Ministries, Brittany King and Mary Joan Mandel. We couldn't have done it without you!

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Such cool pictures! I am proud to have been a "spark thrower" in them!
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