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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Platform 

Have you heard about the new space at the Cordoba Center for the Arts, "The Platform?"

This is "The Platform" empty and windswept.

Let us back up for one moment, first, you have heard of the Cordoba Center for the Arts, right?

It is the new home1 of The Scrap Exchange and Liberty Arts Casting. It is at the huge complex at #923 Franklin Street, immediate adjacent to the Goldenbelt District and just south of our friends at SEEDS.

The Platform is an amazing new spot that is opening in the former train off-loading platform connecting Goldenbelt and the Cordoba Center for the Arts. It will be available for bookings some time this Summer. This fantastic raised area at the west end of the parking lot hosted Brew Durham 2012. If you were not one of the over three hundred folks that attended that fabulous event, (Read all about it and see pictures here.) we have another opportunity for you.

The Clarion Content is hosting a pop-up, one night art event at The Platform, Saturday, May 19th, from 5.30pm until 9pm. We will be hosting the wonderful photographs from our Fashion Drive-by's, shot by Jessica Arden aka Jessi Blakely, and coordinated by our Creative Director, Cady Childs.

We have spent the last year looking for those off the beaten track Durham spots that make you stop and take a second look, make you say, wait, that was shot where?!?

First, last Summer, we were in Lakewood, a place, like so many in Durham, that has history both soaring and sordid, and is once again on the rise. We had so many fabulous partners, cool locations, and Durham institutions from the Azteca Grill to the Pauli Murray project murals, from the former Davis Bakery, now La Favorita de Oaxaca, to the new Neem Urban farm. The models were stunning in clothes from Dolly's Vintage.

Then for Autumn, we crept over from our Broad Street offices to shoot some spooky photos featuring one of Durham's most Halloween motivated neighborhoods, Watts-Hillandale. From Oval Park to the famous bathtub house on Club Boulevard, Jessica Arden and Cady Childs, captured amazing Fall flavored shots of local Durham celebrities: Jenn from Dain's Place, J-La of LiLa and Gabe Eng-Goetz, designer and head of Runaway Clothes. Jewelry and accessories were provided by Vaguely Reminiscent.

Finally on, Valentine's Day weekend we headed for some date spots, including the Whiskey Bar and Six Plates Wine Bar. Once again, we were able to talk various local celebrities into modeling. We had fabulous clothes and shoes for the ladies from Fifi's and the fantastic necklaces were provided by Tammi Floccare.

The final Fashion Drive-by of our first year, completing the seasonal fashion cycle, was shot this Spring in Durham's Secret Gardens of Trinity Park. Once again, the outfits for our models were provided by Dolly's Vintage. These photos and the story behind them will be coming to the pages of the Clarion Content in less than a week. So stay tuned.

And save the date, May 19th, Saturday, from 5.30pm to 9pm, for the Clarion Content's Fashion Drive-by show at "The Platform."

Julio Cordoba, of the Cordoba Center for the Arts

1That new-ness gets a little more relative every year.

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