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Monday, March 16, 2009

Need a flute? 

Ever been out and just wished you had a flute with you? Nobody we surveyed at the Clarion Content offices had either. But what if your name were Ron Burgundy and you were caught without your flute?

Maybe in the 1970's that would have been a problem, but not in 2009. In 2009 you can turn your i-Phone into a flute?!! What's that you say? You have got be kidding me! Oh no, faithful readers, we shit you not. Ge Wang, a Stanford University assistant professor, who specializes in music and computer science, and his fellow entrepreneur, Jeff Smith, developed the i-Phone application. It works by blowing into the i-Phone's embedded microphone. Offered for $.99, it was the No. 1 selling application at Apple's American stores four days after it debuted. Three weeks later, it held the top spot in 20 other countries.

Read more here in the San Jose Mercury News.

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