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Friday, April 10, 2009

One more step away from fascism 

The Obama administration announced it had moved one more step away from fascism this week. Having already stated its intention to close the Soviet style, indefinite-detention-beyond-the-reach-of-law facility that King George the II and Viceroy Dick operated in totalitarian Cuba, Obama CIA director Leon Panetta announced that the United States would no longer use "black sites." Black sites were secret overseas prisons where King George the II routinely had people tortured and interrogated.

CIA Director Panetta said the agency has a plan "to decommission the remaining sites." He added that "Agency personnel" will take charge of that process and that any outside contracts still involved in site security will be "promptly terminated." The evil duo of King George the II and Viceroy Dick frequently employed private contractors in an effort to shield the government from liability and to make an end run around human rights protections enshrined in the Constitution.

Thus ends another of the darkest chapters of the legacy of King George the II. Read more here in the Washington Post.

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Curious, that you use the buzzword of fascism to describe the direction against which the current administration is moving. Fascism, while certainly typified by the sort of a-legal internment camps used by the Bush administration, was also known for the exact same sort of corporatism which the Obama administration is embracing.
Touché! F.A. Hayek couldn't have said it any better.
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