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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Future Kings of Nowhere 

We highly recommend this band!

If Regina Spektor was the artist we had to tell everybody about in 2007, and the Avett Brothers were the shout it from the rooftops band of 2008...

We are far enough into 2009 to declare it the year of the Future Kings of Nowhere.

A MySpace reviewer hit it on the nose, "If pressed, this Durham group (Shayne O'Neill on vocals and guitar, Mike on drums, and Jon on bass) will tell you that they play "acousticore," music for people who are angrier than Peter, Paul or Mary, but nicer than Henry Rollins."

Sample below. Link to their record label here.

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these guys are great - after getting a copy of their album as a gift :) i gave it to a ton of people - trying to spread their name. i've got them as far as boston, so they have ready fans when their touring circuit widens.
I talked to Mike and right now there will be a couple of shows in the area with the full band. One at the Cradle and on in Raleigh at Tir Noh Nog. The band is breaking up, however Shane will be doing a solo thing, traveling around playing gigs
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