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Monday, May 25, 2009

Upstate NY reigns supreme in lacrosse 

Lacrosse Nation Final Set...

The Cornell Big Red..................vs.................The Syracuse Orange

The Clarion Content admittedly has no love loss for the Duke Men's Lacrosse program. We root against the University of Virgina's team on more of a sports level. So, as far as we were concerned from the editorial desk here in Durham, we could not have been more pleased with the Men's lacrosse national semifinals last week.

The New York Times covering the story said that Syracuse, "crushed" Duke. But the story in their eyes was Cornell's Big Red, a team they said compared to a "a family station wagon" next to the Virginia Cavaliers, "sleek and powerful sports car." However, as it turned out "Cornell, a team noted for its conservative play and methodical pace, raced out of the gate and did not stop until it had stunned and humiliated the high-flying Cavaliers, 15-6."

As the Times had it,
"The two teams from upstate New York solidified the region’s reputation as the sport’s stronghold. With Le Moyne in the Division II final, facing C.W. Post; with Cortland in the Division III final, against Gettysburg; and with Onondaga Community College having already won the junior college title, the land of Genesee beer, Wegmans supermarkets and the Finger Lakes could also have all four men’s major lacrosse national titles."

Read the whole story here. We recommend it!

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Finally we New Yorkers have something to actually cheer about when it comes to sports!!! too bad it's only Lacrosse...ha ha, just kidding. GO ORANGE!!!
Well I guess that I should have read the article on the final game before I posted earlier!! Cornel held a 9-6 lead with 3:30 to play and was looking to take their first title since '77 when the Orange closed out the game with a 3-0 run, including a goal with 4.5 seconds left to tie the game and go into overtime...then 'cuse put the Big Red away for their second in a row and 11th. Go Orange.
Impressive stuff from the Orange indeed!
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