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Friday, May 08, 2009

The return of the Lightning Rod 

Alex Rodriguez makes his return to the Yankees tonight. He returns to an aging, underachieving team, with a manager who is wound tighter than a steel coil. No pressure. And we all know how A-Fraud thrives under the pressure. Like in the playoffs? Like when he was about to hit is 500 hundredth homer and had to go hitless for a week first as his "you know what" clenched up.

So he should be perfect to come back into a situation that one New York sports writer recently called 162 Super Bowl season in an attempt to emphasis the microcosmic study of every Yankee game that occurs. And they are indeed under the magnifying glass every night. They have lost five in a row coming into A-Rod's return game. They already had another four game losing streak this season. They are two games under .500 and winless against the Red Sox. Dark times for the Evil Empire, the $400 million in off-season acquisitions await the return of the $300 million man to save them.

The Clarion Content was already going to predict struggles for Alex Rodriguez coming off of hip surgery. Rather than have the complete tendon reconstruction the Clarion Content's impression is that the Yankees doctors didn't go the full route on surgery, they opted for patching and did the halfway procedure. Further look at the year long struggles of guys who had similar hip problems, Chase Utley and Mike Lowell last year. They were never 100% the remainder of the season. It feels like a lock that A-Fraud will not be 100% healthy this year either. Also as he himself pointed out to the media today, he has only had about 30 at-bats in extended Spring Training, normally a starting position player will get more than double that many at-bats in regular spring training. He is bound to be rusty. He is likely to be sore. He is surely under the gun to produce. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The Clarion Content is willing to predict it could end up as bad as 4th place and under .500 for the Yankees this year. And they will do it while surrounded with empty seats to boot. Wow! How the mighty have fallen, we warned about the curse of the A-Rod and how it was a huge mistake to dismiss Joe Torre, (who has the Dodgers running away with the N.L. West). The Yankees are getting their comeuppance.

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speaking of empty seats - have you seen how poorly obstructed the seats in the outfield are? huge blocks of seats can't see right or left field depending on which side of the "mohegan sun sports bar" they are on. wonder which genius at the architecture firm is responsible for that??
It is boggling what a bad job they did on an essentially unlimited budget.
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