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Friday, May 15, 2009


Baseball season is long, unfurling like a tapestry, the tale begins in Spring and unfolds throughout the Summer and meanders on into the Fall. This is one reason baseball people, especially managers and front office types, like to use the worn cliche, "It's early." This is usually an attempt to restrain anger or panic in the fan base if the team starts slow or slumps at the beginning of the season.

This year, two Nation League teams that started out red hot are in major tailspins, and their leadership is desperately deploying the tired, "It's early. It's early." The San Diego Padres started out a season that many thought might see 100 losses a surprising 10 up and 6 down after an extra inning win over the Pirates on April 24th. Since that time they have only won three games, while losing sixteen! Crash.

The other, near as bad wreck of a promising start, has been perpetrated by the Florida Marlins. The Marlins started out a scorching 11 and 1. Nobody believed they were that good. But since then they have been an abysmal 6 wins and 17 losses. They can't be that bad can they? Crash.

Of the two squads the Marlins probably have a better chance at righting themselves. Although they play in a far tougher division than the Pads, nobody has run away with the N.L. East while the defending champion Phillies tread water. The Padres, on the other hand, already find themselves ten and 1/2 games back of LA, all but buried. Oh well San Diego, at least you can enjoy the weather. Stay classy.

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