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Saturday, May 09, 2009

What? No seriously what? 

Auburn football, all class all the time, ha ha. The tradition continues. Currently it is a NCAA mandated quiet period where college football coaches cannot talk to high school students. So what did Auburn recruiting coordinator Curtis Luper do?

He got a hold of limo, tricked it out with Auburn flags and the "AU" logo, sent seven assistant coaches, the maximum allowed by the NCAA on recruiting trips on the road. They are going to be visiting the parking lots of as many high schools in the state as possible. The admitted purpose of the trip is to attract high school players attention. No kidding. Auburn can't talk to them (officially) so they thought of another even better way to distract them from their studies?!?

"We can't talk to the players, so we're talking to coaches and principals and counselors," Luper said. Allegedly, they are not greasing any palms. But where Auburn's concerned, who knows?

Read more here in the Birmingham News

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