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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Durham Skate Park 

Durham is getting a skate park! Just east of where the Durham Farmer's Market is held Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Durham Central Park. Durham has been doing a good bit of upgrading of its park system even in face of the national economic slump. The skate park is under construction along Rigsbee Avenue, ironically for the skaters, directly across from the new police substation.The official address is 502 Foster Street.

Check out this conceptual drawing and some shots of the on-going construction. The site will include a floating quarter pipe, floating launch boxes, an 8 foot trog bowl, a street clam and three sets of stairs with rails, plus numerous other hype skate features. The overall park design will be 10,000 square feet.

Looks pretty cool!

This is the view up the hill from the Farmer's Market

Here is where things are now

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Thought for sure you'd use the People's Sec. building shot. By the way... the official grand opening celebration w/ food and music will be held on NOV. 7th...
Sweet, we ought to head to the grand opening! Thanks for all the hard work.
Dude, fu@k going on Saturday. It's gonna be stupid crowded. There is no way anybody is gonna be able to really skate with the crowd or even be able to watch without elbowing constantly for a spot. Fu@k that. Marsh Creek will be empty on Saturday, I'll be there. The new park will be there forever. I'll go next week.
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