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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Preview, Part II, the NFC 

This looks like a Super QB...

NFC West

The worst division in the National Football Conference?

1st---Arizona Cardinals over 8.5

Even if Warner gets hurt.

2nd---San Francisco 49ers over 7

The Clarion Content loves Mike Singletary. We like gutsy former Maryland QB, S. Hill, too.

3rd---Seattle Seahawks under 7.5

Bad o-line, limited wideouts.

4th---St. Louis Rams under 5.5

Will challenge Detroit for the title of the worst team in football.

NFC Central

The most overrated division in football.

1st---Green Packers over 9

They will be consistently up and down.

2nd---Minnesota Vikings under 9

If Peterson stays healthy they will just miss the playoffs. If he gets hurt, look for under .500.

3rd---Chicago Bears under 8.5

Will the Jay Cutler acquisition really turn out to be even more overblown than the Favre signing? We think there is a good chance. The defense looks old and slow.

4th---Detroit Lions under 4.5

The citizens of Detroit have done exactly what to deserve this? We like Calvin Johnson. We not sure Matt Stafford has the accuracy and touch of a successful NFL starter.

NFC South

The ups and downs of this division are meteoric. The last two years the Clarion Content has picked the Panthers to the Super Bowl, we will quit jinxing them this year.

1st place---New Oreleans Saints over 9

Imagine the Chargers had Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Ladamaian Tomlinson, Michael Turner and Darren Spoles at the same time! The Saints will score boatloads.

2nd place---Atlanta Falcons over 8.5

It was the fourth place schedule, right? Matt Ryan can't do that again, can he? Tony Gonzales was a huge addition.

3rd place---Carolina Panthers under 8.5

Last year's draft day trades and the off-season resigning of Julius Peppers hamstrung this franchise. Next year the bottom could fall out.

4th place---Tampa Bay Bucaneers under 6.5

We're not sold on the defense, the running game or the new coach.

NFC East

The best division in the NFC, maybe the league.

1st place---New York Giants over 10

Wide receiving corps has slipped, but great defense and running game will propel the G-men to a strong regular season.

2nd place---Philadelphia Eagles over 9.5

Is this the year Donovan McNabb goes back to the Super Bowl? The Eagles are loaded on both sides of the ball.

3rd place---Dallas Cowboys over 9

The race for third in this division is a battle for a playoff spot. Our hearts are with the Jason Campbell and the Skins, our heads say it be Jerry's Cowboys. Word on the street is the monstrous new Dallas stadium TV screen blocks the view from almost all but the lowest seats. Brilliant!

4th place---Washington Redskins over 8

If Portis stays healthy and they catch a few breaks, they could easily make the playoffs.

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