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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Knicks flop 

In the immortal words of Nancy Kerrigan, "Why? Why?" Why couldn't the Knicks braintrust see that Danilo Gallinari was a flop waiting to happen? A soft, nineteen year-old, Italian jeans model was going to play in the NBA? This is the franchise that brought us Frederic Weis! They couldn't see this coming?!? After an awful rookie season that ended with back pain, a six point per game average and a mere 28 games played, Gallinari has been stinking it up this pre-season again. He is shooting a scintillating 21% from the field.

Gallinari is one more reason why we doubt Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni. He was the primary endorser of this pick. The Knicks could have had the electric point guard D.J. Augustin, the guy we at the Clarion Content wanted, or the goofy, but hugely effective center the Nets found, Brook Lopez. At least Lopez has height, and had played competitive college basketball. Modeling Italian jeans and being a heartthrob were Gallinari's primary qualifications.

We were very glad that the Knicks re-signed David Lee and Nate Robinson. We think Coach Mike D'Antoni road Steve Nash's coattails for years in Phoenix. D'Antoni found ways to lose in the playoffs. This year, he and the Knicks will miss the playoffs even in the pathetic Eastern Conference.

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I agree... only the Knicks will miss the playoffs not in a mediocre East... but top heavy (a la the ACC).
BTW, LeBron has already perfected the corner lob to the opposite side of the rim for "The Big Witness".

Not sure who you are referring to in the "Top Heavy" Eastern Conference. The Celtics and the Cavs look pretty damn good, but that is about it.

Magic took a big step backwards. I don't think Chicago got better either, Detroit definitely did not improve.

The Heat? DWade and the Heat is that who you are referring to? Or are you thinking the Atlanta Hawks?
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