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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playboy fluffs it 

What, you thought we hadn't already seen her naked?

The Clarion Content's editor is a long time Playboy subscriber, and as anyone who reads our Pop Culture columns knows, fascinated with the cult of celebrity. For many years we have had to defend Playboy's journalistic chops to various people in our world. We have always been willing to stand by Playboy, who's pages have been graced in our lifetimes by such literary luminaries as Norman Mailer, Kurt Vonnegut and Gabriel García Márquez. It has been our experience, generally, that Playboy, has chuztpah, guts, and the instinct for a good story, monthly Playboy interviews some of the biggest names and most controversial figures; and asks tough questions.

So when this month's issue arrived with Charlie Sheen goddess, Bree Olsen, aka, Rachel Oberlin, astride the cover, it wasn't about the photos. Bree Olsen is naked all over the internet, for free. We were jonesing to read the interview. Don't tell us there was no journalistic merit to this story. More Americans know who Bree Olsen is than Tim Pawlenty. Porn is a multibillion dollar industry. Playboy had the opportunity to ask her anything. Delve deep, effort to understand her pysche, the American male, our society...

And they fluffed it. All softball questions.

What did Playboy ask? Did she and Charlie and Natalie really have threesomes? Did Charlie use as many drugs as it seemed like he did?

This was a piece that screamed out for Hunter S. Thompson-esque questions!!

Bree, what do you think it says about America that a superstar, who doubles as the alter-ego most American males would like to have, Charlie Sheen, chose to pick a couple of porn starlets to be his goddesses?

Do you think part of why Charlie chose you was your Adult Video News (AVN) awards, including Best Anal Sex Scene of 2008 in Big Wet Asses with Brandon Iron?

Or do you think it was more about your youthful, baby doll appearance? Was it your good looks that gave you an in? Your personality? Or was it your performance that Charlie was into? Both? Your sex drive? Your lack of inhibition?

Were you paid? If so, how much? Would you have done it unpaid? (Legendary porn star Christy Cannon has had some fascinating podcast conversations with Adam Carrolla about this very topic, and how she and Ron Jeremy used to plump [read: pimp] for each other.)

What do you think about the sense that Charlie Sheen, an allegedly, drug abusing, white, guy was glamorized for his association with porn stars, while Tiger Woods, a drug free, black, man was demonized for his similar associations?

Do you think this was because of their profession or their race?

And while we are at it, what do you, Bree, think about interracial marriage? And interracial sex? We are especially interested as porn is one of the last bastions of American society that still feels quite comfortable classifying its material by race.1

Why does America love porn so much, but make it so hard for porn actresses to cross over to mainstream film as you hope to do?

Has you ever talked to the next most famous women to try this route successfully, Traci Lords aka Nora Kuzma and Sasha Grey aka Marina Hantzis?

Do you ever talk with [the much more fascinating---sotto voce] ex-Charlie Sheen goddess Kacey Jordan aka Courtney Roskop?

These were the kind of questions that we wanted, that America wanted.

In fact, why didn't Playboy talk to Roskop? She appears to be the far more interesting of the two goddesses. Roskop's twitter feed and public autobiographical videos could be [are] a reality series unto themselves.

Playboy, what happened? Where was the good interview? With Bree or Courtney? The journalistic chops? We know Hunter is dead, but you could have handed Stephen Marche the mantle.


1Typical porn site categories might read something like Anal, Oral, Straight, Interracial, Asian, Fetish (Interracial for some reason always means black/white in a porn context.)


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