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Monday, November 21, 2011

LiLa rocks the Casbah 

Local Durham favorites, LiLa and Toon rocked the Casbah Friday night. It was an all ages show, and as you can see from the picture below LiLa's fans went wild. The show featured a couple of great new songs off of their upcoming album "III," scheduled for release December 20th. They blew the doors off the room, the walls dripped with sweat. Their fans literally screamed for more when they thought it was over, and the ladies charged the stage when given permission by lead singer Eli McDuffie.

Eli in the mob
Photos courtesy of Scenes from my Lunch Hour.

And while we know a LiLa never disappoints, this was our first opportunity to see local hip-hop impresario Toon. He was terrific, filling the room with his energy. See more pictures and read more about both, as well as Beatnam, at Scenes from my Lunch Hour

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sweet photo!
Thanks Mary... all credit is due to Scenes from my Lunch Hour, and of course LiLa for an insanely rocking performance.
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