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Monday, November 07, 2011

Watts-Hillandale: Fashion Drive-by preview 

The Clarion Content's second Fashion Drive-by is coming soon. This time we partnered with a 9th Street institution, Vaguely Reminiscent, as well as, the up-and-coming clothing line, Runaway Clothes. Like the our first amazing shoot, which you can check out here, we could not have done it without our partners and collaborators.

Also like our first shoot, all styling was done by our phenomenal fashion and culture guru, Cady Childs. All photos were shot by Jessi Blakely of Tamara Lackey Photography.

So here is a little teaser of Fashion Drive-by #2, shot in historic Watts-Hillandale, just before Halloween...


Check out our full Fashion Drive-by shoot #2, appearing here, in these pages, the week before Thanksgiving.

Keep an eye out shortly thereafter for our Faux Presser photoshoot with local Durham music sensations---LiLa.

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