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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Job Searching advice 

This isn't your usual job searching advice. Rather this is the Clarion Content's Practical Advice, simple heads up tips that we have heard and want to pass along. In this case the advice we heard concerns job searching and personal privacy.

When replying to Craigslist and other job search websites, one of the most irritating pieces of the process is the spam that it produces. Our job counselor recommended creating a new separate email address for your job search. GMail, Yahoo and Hotmail are all free. By creating a new email address, you don't jam up your existing email address, the one that all of your friends and relatives have, with unwanted spam.

This technique also makes you more focused on your job search, because when you are checking emails about job searching, there won't be any goofy forwards or angst ridden emails from long lost relatives to interrupt you. If no one but parties related to your job search has the email address you are using, you won't be distracted by frivolous and/or social email.

Another job searching tip, along these same lines that we heard for responding to internet job ads, send your resume without your street address. Again it cuts down on junk mail, employers who will have your email and phone number from your resume, are not upset not to have your street address, especially if you still include your city, state of residence. Legitimate employers are not looking to mail you anything and if they are, they will have reached out and made personal contact long before then. Spammers and junk mailers trolling for addresses won't be bothered to look you up, if you don't give it away.


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