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Friday, January 20, 2012

Liberty Arts Live Aluminum Pour 

by: Cady Childs

If there’s one event to be sure not to miss on tonight’s art walk, it’s Liberty Arts live aluminum pour at their old foundry adjacent to Durham Central Park.

The pouring will occur between 6pm and 7pm tonight.

“It’s a new year, and we want to show we’re still here,” Jackie MacLeod, of Liberty Arts, said. “Pouring is always very sparkly and very dramatic- you won’t want to miss out.”

For more information on the Liberty Arts group, visit their website at LibertyArtsCasting.org. And check out their new location at the Cordoba Arts Center, located in the Golden Belt District. Durhamites, get a peek at the new space before the grand opening March 16th. Right next to Scrap Exchange's huge new spot. Perfect to hit up after a Friday night stroll through Golden Belt's studios.

The Clarion Content is hoping to persuade Scenes from my Lunch Hour to take some photos of tonight's pour.

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Thank you so much Cady! It was lovely chatting with you and we had an amazing turnout on the night.
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