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Monday, April 16, 2012

Durham Art Walk mini golf course 

Yeah, so we're thinking, maybe, something like this??

The Clarion Content has been touting for some weeks now on our "What we've heard" page that there is going to be a nine hole mini golf course specially constructed for the Durham Art Walk in the area between Golden Belt and the Cordoba Center for the Arts.

Here is what we know. Artists from Golden Belt studios, LabourLove gallery, Scrap Exchange and Liberty Arts are contributing knowledge, design expertise, materials and sweat to construct this fantabulous temporary golf course. Word is among the hole designs there are a marvellous dragon, a tunnel of love and a soft "Claes Oldenburg" version of mini golf, as well as a hole based on Pachinko, which is Japanese for Pinball machine.

Hoping that Scenes from my Lunch Hour will find time to take a few snaps of what is sure to be an amazing temporary exhibit.

The leaderboard will be posted at Blend Cafe and the winners will get free scoops of frozen yogurt.

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I cannot wait to see what they come up with and will definitely be there with camera in hand!
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