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Friday, April 13, 2012

Delete those Instagrams 

Time to delete those Instagrams, dear readers. Instagram, a mobile phone to mobile phone picture sharing app, was bought by Facebook for a billion dollars this week. This means not only will Instagram's cuddly indie status go away. Right now, nobody sells Instagram's users' personal details to advertisers, but also that Facebook owns every photo you every put on Instagram in perpetuity.

Instagram has 30 million users, Facebook probably figured it was worth a billion dollars for the photos alone. Say goodbye to private photos.

Facebook is, of course, pandering to Instagram users' privacy concerns. But as Facebook users know, that is all it is, pandering and claptrap.

As NY Times tech blogger, Jenna Wortham, put it, "Its [Instagram's] ability to let its users delicately toe the line between public and private gave us a little breathing room from the all-pervasiveness of Facebook...The sale of Instagram brings a harsh reality into focus, the realization that the secret rooms or private spaces online where we can share, chit-chat and hang out with our friends are...next on the shopping list for a company like Google, Apple or Facebook."

Sad day, for social networking. At the Clarion Content, we are looking forward to the next lateral innovation around this monoliths.

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this is a serious bummer. I use instagram, a LOT. and hardly ever put pics up on FB anymore purely because of the whole ownership confusion. {{sigh}} stupid facebook.
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