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Monday, May 07, 2012

The John Owens campaign 

The Clarion Content has long had an affinity for stirrers of the pot. In the 2008 Presidential campaign when we heard Barack Obama referred to as a community organizer, we didn't see that as a slur, but rather a compliment. We believe complacency of the community is among the biggest threats to our individual liberties.

That said, this is not an endorsement. We were sent this video about Durham County Commissioner Candidate John Owens. His message to the establishment is radical.

From his video tag:
Elections in Durham County aren't what they seem. Powerful local PACs, individuals, and newspapers decide who you get to know about, and who gets a good shot at running. Candidates are even told they need to "Wait their turn because other people have been waiting in line for years" to get these seats. What, really? Yes. Really

The Clarion Content has absolutely seen some evidence of machine politics at work in Durham to our collective detriment.

It is quite last minute, as the last day to vote is tomorrow. But if you haven't met or heard from Team Owens (the green signs) yet. Here is the link to his site.

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Great video and it shows the reality of the local political scene. Even though I had checked out his website and been reasonably impressed by his perspective and activities, I had been pretty angry at the political sign pollution downtown, for which Owens is the most guilty. But when I got the Peoples Alliance card at the polls last week and saw the folks they endorsed and that Owens was excluded, despite his own membership in the PA, I decided that on this one, I would not follow the PA, though I am generally sympatico with them. I voted for Owens and actually only voted for two others for the County Commission instead of the full five.
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