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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interesting Links return 

The Clarion Content loves to turn to our interesting links posts when something crosses our desk that we don't have time to examine in a full article. We appreciate when you the readers send us, the cool, the interesting, the outlandish and the different. Check out old Interesting Links posts here (you will have to scroll down below this one).

For this week's edition, our initial link is of both scientific and historical significance. The first man made object in our recorded history is about to leave our solar system. Voyager 1 is about to be the first space craft in our time to enter interstellar space.

Voyager 1, a sixteen-hundred pound space probe launched by NASA and Cal Tech in 1977, is now 11.1 billion miles from Earth and entering the heliosheath, the outer most edge of the solar system. Read the whole story here at The Bunsen Burner.

Next up, something a bit more low tech, but equally unbelievable. Token sucking. That's right, you read that correctly, token sucking. We saw this on William Gibson's Twitter feed. Gibson is a favorite Clarion Content author. His Neuromancer is just as ground breaking and dramatic today as it was twenty-five years ago.

Token sucking is an old school crime according to the New York Times, fortunately/unfortunately, it is over, as the New York Subway System eliminated the last of its physical tokens about eight, nine years past. Token sucking works like something like this,
"The criminal carefully jams the token slot with a matchbook or a gum wrapper and waits for a would-be rider to plunk a token down. The token plunker bangs against the locked turnstile and walks away in frustration. Then from the shadows, the token sucker appears like a vampire, quickly sealing his lips over the token slot, inhaling powerfully and producing his prize: a $1.50 token..."
Wild. And that was before the Great Recession. Read the whole article here.

Following about as low tech a crime as we have heard in some while, we have a couple of high tech tip links for you. First, "Five Killer Strategies for Brands Engagement on Pinterest and Linked-In" from Social Media Today. So many companies are wondering what they should do with their social media presence once they sign on, here are some good suggestions.

The second tech article from Kathleen Holmlund, a digital media strategist, dissects search engine optimization techniques for your Word Press site. If you use Word Press, it is worth the read. Check it out here.

Finally, even the main stream Man has gotten wind of crowdsourcing. The Economist breaks it down here with a take from the staid business world that is fascinating for its more measured, reasoned take that stands in strong contrast with the hyperbolic fan-dom on crowdsourcing which often simply assumes, a priori that it is paradigm changing.

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