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Monday, July 30, 2012

Durham Culture dot com 

The Durham Arts Council and Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau have partnered with EverWondr, an online events network, to produce a fabulous new events calendar of Durham Arts and Culture. It will be at www.DurhamCulture.com.

Those of you familiar with the clunky old calendar will fall out of your chairs at the difference and improvements. The imagery is dynamic and appealing. The style is classier, much more becoming of a city experiencing the cultural renaissance that Durham is. The event submission process is supposed to be considerably easier, too.

The Durham Arts Council is sponsoring a training session this coming Monday, 6pm at the Arts Council on Morris Street, to teach artists to learn how to use the calendar for themselves. It is an incredibly powerful tool. RSVP for the free session here.

Durham Culture.com allows members of the arts community to host a free webpage where they can post contact information, upcoming events and images, as well as audio and video clips of their work. This kind of centralized locus for information about the Durham Arts community is an excellent guerrilla marketing opportunity for those who might not otherwise have the budget to create a website or the drawing power that the collective assemblage will.

Of course, as with any calendar, the massive task is keeping it up-to-date.1 The Durham Culture dot com calendar fights that battle through crowdsourcing. If anyone and everyone can post to the Durham Arts and Culture calendar, then the responsibility for keeping it updated falls to the community collectively.

How very Durham of us.


1We fight the battle here with our own calendar.

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