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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Smart Couponed 

Your editor is a devout Ben & Jerry's consumer. It is Chocolate Fudge Brownie every single time without fail when the old ice cream bug strikes, which is mas o menos weekly.

Tonight for the first time in eons, they were out. Careful searching was performed, there were indeed multiple rows of Peanut Butter Cup, it was not that somebody had moved a container over and blocked the Chocolate Fudge Brownie row. Nor was it hidden behind the nearly frost covered Boston Cream Pie in the nether reaches of the top shelf.

Thus well and truly denied, your editor moved on to the rarely used, in fact not pulled out of the bag in as many as three years, back-up plan. (Note: Ben & Jerry's stocker inventory person must be pretty good, though one might safely wager Chocolate Fudge Brownie1 is one of the topselling flavors.)

The back-up plan is Haagen-Dazs plain chocolate, a rich and creamy concoction in its own right.

Off to the self-check to ring out. Where, lo and behold, no sooner than the ice cream had been scanned and the VIC card had been run, a Haagen-Dazs $1.00 off coupon printed out. How very quick of those data storing, data mining, monkeys monitoring our purchases. After 120 consecutive pints of Ben & Jerry's, our fair customer tries Haagen-Dazs. Let us make sure we reward him and encourage him to come back with a $1.00 coupon good all the way though November. Smart. Shady, but smart.

1Let the record show although this keeps coming up every time we google one of these Ben & Jerry's flavors, we really had no idea it was going down like that, no pun intended.

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