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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Development in Durham 

The Clarion Content has high hopes for Durham's future. We were planning a series on development and Durham this week. We are hoping we didn't wait so long that the debate is over before it started.

We will give you, dear readers, our take anyway, for what it is worth. The new county courthouse and associated parking, for the record, cost over $119 million dollars.

What does it say about the County's and the City's priorities that they built this while Durham remains in the top five metropolitan areas for income inequality? Is this their solution? Is this a better investment, a higher priority, than in the schools?

Or even than community policing? This is enforcement. What of deterrence?

Durham Courthouse slideshow - All Photos courtesy of BWPW Photography

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You don't understand. This will directly address the income inequality issue by having a nicer facility through which we shall put more of the poor in prison. Then our numbers come down and everyone wins!

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