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Friday, November 09, 2012

Macklemore to rock the Cradle tonight 

Can't understand how the Indy Week put out an entire issue without mentioning the biggest musical act coming to town this week. Oh wait, maybe it's cause they're owned by a Portland company that has no idea what's happening in our town...Either that or maybe Grayson Currin doesn't like'em.

Anyway, it is sold out, so maybe that was the thinking. But, trust us, you want to know about Macklemore. The last time a hip-hop artist so instantaneously struck a chord with our editor, was when yours truly borrowed our friend Natasha's truck to run a lunchtime errand in the mid-90's. Put it in gear, pushed in the tape that was hanging halfway out of the cassette deck and suddenly, Lauren Hill, Wyclef, Pras and the Fugees, were "Killing me Softly."

That is pantheon level. But we have no taste for hyperbole. We are keeping it on the real. The other day, your editor tried to calculate how many days after the tragic, all too early, passing of Adam Yauch, we heard about Macklemore. It seemed less than coincidental that as one passed out of our lives, the other appeared.

This is the most sensitive song we have ever heard a hip-hop artist create about homosexuality. It is a must listen. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's entire album, "The Heist" can be heard here. Amazing, A+ quality, grooves.

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