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Monday, March 17, 2008


Reason number 1,472 to suspect new Yanks skipper Joe Girardi is a jerk surfaced yesterday. What is Jim Leyritz doing in the clubhouse? An hour and a half before a game? Yeah, we know he was one of your boys back in the day, Joe. Yeah, we know he announced some Yankee games last season, Joe. But don't you know that he is on trial for vehicular manslaughter? Joe, the guy killed a thirty year old mother of two drunk driving. It is nice you feel sorry for him, Joe. Don't bring him into the clubhouse to hug Giambi!! What are they gonna knock one back for old times sake?? Bring him to an AA Meeting, Joe. Or at the very least have a quiet dinner with him in the privacy of your own home. And while your at it, quit, please. ASAP.

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Yeah, that is really, really poor judgement. Plus, it's pretty hard to argue against a DUI/VM.
Yeah, no doubt. Ugh, it isn't even the start of the season and already I'm fed up with the Yanks. Give me John McClaren over Joe Girardi any day of the week. (And let's play two on Sunday.)
Gosh, you are fed up, even I think McLaren vacillates around ordinary.
Honestly, I haven't really ever simmered down. You recall my dismay at the Torre firing. Which was followed shortly thereafter by my extreme displeasure with the resigning of A-Rod. (who has never won.)

I haven't disowned a baseball team completely in 15 years, since the Marge Schott Reds, but I contemplated it this winter, for sure. I decided it was too extreme a punishment. Schott's Reds got the boot for far different and worse offenses.

In my view so far, save for the Virginia Tech thing, the Yankees spring has been an utter mess.
I always enjoy weighing in on the negative side when it comes to the Yankees. How will you win this year, oh Yankee fans, with Petitte's back missing those once, maybe twice supplements? Oh yeah Wang will lower his 8+ spring ERA to the 7's. What if Posada wakes up and remembers he really is a lifetime .270 hitter with poor defensive skills. How old are Damon and Matsui? Don't worry you cam always rely on Shelley the brain surgeon Duncan. My money's on eventual discovery that Arod is also an abuser. Go BOSOX. I'll even bet the Blue Jays finish in front of the rag tag Yanks.
Come'on now, surely the Yanks will finish ahead of the Blue Jays, even if this is the year their playoff streak ends.
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