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Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Sheriff Dart! 

Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart of Illinois, has announced that his office will no longer evict people in his jurisdiction on the basis of foreclosure orders. Now that is sweet civil disobedience!!! Sheriff Dart has found that far too often his office is evicting renters from properties owned by investors. These renters all too often are up to date, fully paid on their rent, yet they are being booted into the street with no notice because their landlords (property owners) have failed to pay the banks and mortgage companies. (Note: Evictions for non-payment of rent will continue.)

One courageous American official has said, "No more. Not on my watch." Sheriff Dart has taken a stand against what for far too long has been the wrong attitude by American civil servants, especially cops; the mantra of 'Protect and Serve' has morphed beneath our noses to 'Enforce.' The people pay the salaries of all government officials, they serve at our pleasure. We at the Clarion applaud Sheriff Dart for his brave act of civil disobedience. Of course, the mortgage companies are suing him and his office. (Somehow after all this they still have the money for fancy lawyers to sue!?!)

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now there is the actual meaning of civil disobedience...
Ahhh, indeed. I believe I had the very same conversation in mind.
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