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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Put Joba back in the bullpen! 

Haven't the Yankees ever heard the old axiom, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Clearly not, as they have still not seen the error of their ways. They have yet to recognize and accept mistake they made in removing Joba Chamberlain from the Yankees bullpen, and turning a relative strength into a glaring weakness. Not only did they weaken their bullpen, but they did it to move Joba to the 5th spot in the rotation. The last starter, in the spot which periodically gets skipped, in the spot which isn't even used come playoff time. Instead of having Joba affect 65 to 75 games a year, they are going to hold down his innings and starts again, so that he might effect 25 to 27 games this year. It is crazy.

The Yankees are obviously wrong and unfortunately, they appear to be digging in their heels as if this has become a battle of pride with the New York media. Dumb. Compounding their mistake. Already this season the Yankees middle relief has imploded in three of their six losses, including Joba's first start where Joba needed himself to be the bridge to Mariano Rivera and he couldn't last. Furthermore, as unbelievable as Rivera has been in his Hall of Fame career, he is 39 and the Yankees definitely need to be grooming a successor.

The final straw for the Clarion Content has been Joba's persona and demeanor. As Mike Francesa keeps hammering home on WFAN, New York's sports radio, Joba is like a declawed cat as a starter. He was vicious, fierce and intimidating out of the pen. Now he is tentative, pitching like he is feeling his way, conserving his energy. The Yankees braintrust is killing Joba's mojo! If this ludicrous Joba as a starter experiment goes on much longer, we wouldn't be shocked to see his whole career flameout. WFAN radio has had such luminaries of New York relief pitching as Sparky Lyle, Goose Gossage and John Franco weigh-in with opinions in the last week, all agree Joba should be in the pen.

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