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Saturday, May 09, 2009


...as South Carolina's Attorney General hates on Craigslist

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster said May 6th that Craigslist must remove its Erotic Services from the South Carolina portions of its Web site in ten days or face prosecution for allowing the solicitation of prostitution and the dissemination and posting of graphic pornographic material.

Fortunately Craiglist isn't intimidated by the blustering threats of the censors. From their blog,
"...we see no legal basis whatsoever for filing a lawsuit against Craigslist or its principals and hope that the Attorney General will realize this upon further reflection.

Craigslist has been working closely with law enforcement on these very issues, and by all objective measures has decreased misuse dramatically (approximately 90%) since Craigslist and 43 attorneys general entered into a joint statement less than 6 months ago."

Craigslist's very defensible position in a nut shell is... they tell people that they cannot use their site to engage in illegal activities, when people flag them for doing so they take their ads down, they can't be held responsible for the fact that they can't stop them completely. People use the phone to arrange prostitution engagements but the South Carolina AG isn't suing the cellphone carriers to stop them.

We will keep you posted on the way things play out.

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Apparently the blustering may just be on their (Craig's List) behalf. As a South Carolinian I can tell you that a fight with Henry Mac is and will be not ultimately one that we would advise anyone to entertain.

In short there is no bluff in our AG...
Interesting, so as a local, you think they will successfully be able to force'em to ditch Erotic Services?

Is it a hot button issue in the local press? Do the people of the state care one way or the other?
WOW! SC Hotline, you called that one, Craig's List has backed down indeed and will be removing Erotic Services from its site nationwide. We will post an update asap.
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