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Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Clarion Content's editorial board, by-in-large, believes that the Earth should be viewed as a self-correcting, holistic, Gaian entity- part of a larger universe of the same. This shapes our view on global warming, it is part of a process, not something that is going to wipe Earth out. However, that does not imply global warming cannot have environmental impacts which will be deleterious for humankind. Witness the epic sandstorms enveloping Sydney, Australia.

The BBC reports that Sydney has been covered in red dust blown in from the deserts of the Australian outback. It says visibility is so bad that international air flights have been diverted. Aussie emergency services have reported a surge in calls from people suffering with breathing and respiratory problems. Traffic on major roads is snarled. Local landmarks are barely visible beneath the swirling red clouds of dirt picked up by winds sweeping across the drought ravaged state of New South Wales.

Read more here.

See more pictures here.

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