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Monday, August 08, 2011

Duck and Cover debuts!!! 

We have spent years reading Duck & Cover at the Blue Pyramid, where it is still published by Storey Clayton, creator of The Blue Pyramid and its sophisticated, fascinating personality quizzes (e.g. The Book Quiz---a must click, don't miss out.) The Clarion Content is proud to be the first syndicator of this hilarious and insightful meta-political strip.

We are please to introduce Duck (a duck) and Cover (a turtle) and their friends Rabbit and Dolphin (three guesses what they are). Laugh and weep as they discuss politics, economics, and the state of our State while making far too many obstreperous puns. Duck and Cover started in 2005 and has over 1,400 archived strips. Check out the last weeks' worth here in the Clarion Content's Politics section or read them all here at the Blue Pyramid.

If for any reason the text is too small for you to read. Hit "ctrl" and "+" to expand it.

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