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Monday, August 01, 2011

Free agency quick hits 

The NFL's free agency flurry like many rushed decision-making processes is filled with gaffes.

We think that the Cardinals are out of their collective gourds to give up a good cover corner for the unproven Kevin Kolb, a guy who has had exactly one, big success in a meaningful game in his career to-date. Why were the Eagles and offensive guru Andy Reid so ready and willing to part with guy?

And what is up with everyone fawning of the Patriots and Belichek's swooping in and grabbing aging past their prime, big name guys? How well did that work for them with Junior Seau? In fact, what are they the new Raiders? Not only are they going old, but they are going with old dudes who are known to have bad or disruptive attitudes. When was the last time they had success doing following this route? Corey Dillon in 2004? Guess, one could argue that it worked with Randy Moss...

Anyway, we are not buying it this time.

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Looks like we weren't the only ones who thought Belichek was out of his mind this off-season. Check out Bill Barnwell on Grantland, "It's a good thing Bill Belichick is who he is, because if Al Davis or Daniel Snyder made the moves he's made, they'd end up becoming embarrassing trending topics on Twitter...the Patriots went shopping for a defensive line that would have been football's best in 2005.
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