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Saturday, December 31, 2011

L.A. Arson follow-up 

There is an arsonist or something else still afoot in Los Angeles. The Clarion Content wrote about it yesterday when it was a string of nineteen overnight blazes. L.A. police and fire officials are now reporting there have been more than thirty suspicious fires in the last twenty-four hours. More than three dozen vehicles have been burned from Hollywood to the San Fernando Valley.

It would be awfully hard for a single individual to cover all that ground geographically.

To the Clarion Content, it feels more like the work of somebody like ELF (the Earth Liberation Front).

In almost all cases the fires started with a single vehicle being set afire.


Amazing how the Authorities can go in one day from, "almost physically impossible for a single person to set all these fires" to "it was this lone wolf; and we caught him."

There is now, of course, no mention of the geographic difficulty, nor the idea that a suspect in the country on a temporary visa could navigate the L.A. highways so comfortably.

These are by no means unexplainable details, just a little oddities that make our nose twitch. What went down may be exactly what the cops are currently saying happened. Remember truth trumps fiction. And our editorial nose twitching may not mean anything or anything lie we think. Recall this story.
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