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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Interesting Links 

It is January and we have a new batch of interesting links for you, dear readers. If you haven't seen'em all, check out old posts by clicking here and scrolling down. There are hours and hours of semi-captivating material, time wasting Alice fell down a hole and landed deep in the internet stuff.

This week we bring you a fascinating video from one of our teen contributors who regularly sends the Clarion Content good material for our "What are They Watching" column. This video can't qualify for "What are They Watching" status because by the standards of the Google-verse, it has a mere 32,000 hits.

It is nonetheless amazing. Watch as the woman below makes a beguiling transformation.

Into Drake with just make-up

The next two interesting links are both politics related. The first is more important than the second. From Robert Wright, a senior editor at The Atlantic, it speaks most cogently and succinctly about why Ron Paul is an asset in the political debate, whether one agrees with his views or finds him repugnant. Essentially Ron Paul is the only candidate from either major party who attempts to, "imagine how the world looks to people other than Americans." Those folks and their perspective make up 95.5% of the world's population. Read Wright's whole take here.

The second politics links is more of an inside baseball piece about the New Hampshire primary and the latest Republican Presidential debate. Long time Clarion Content fave and Esquire veteran, Charles P. Pierce, wittily dissects the milquetoasts1 that make up2 the Republican party field. It is hilariously laugh-out-loud funny, "[Romney] running through all four of the expressions of which his face is capable, beginning with 'Lordly Disdain' and ending with 'Flog The Butler'."

It gets more caustic from there and while it is perfectly safe for work the language is distinctly PG-13. Just fyi. Read the whole piece here.

Share your interesting links with us at ClarionContent at gmail dot com and read about them in our next edition.

1Michelle Bachmann took the Republican's last personality off the campaign trail to the sidelines after Iowa.

2Just couldn't get away from that word in this piece.

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