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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pithy F*rging Sayings (20th edit.) 

Welcome to our latest edition of Pithy F*rging Sayings gathered from the singularity. Check out old sayings posts here, scan down past this post for more.

As always, the citation herein of these quotes does not necessarily imply endorsement, the goal is to provoke thought.

"Everything I eat is from the earth, right?
I am what I eat, straight up earth, right?
nothing but a walking sack of earth, nice to meet you
how do you do, guess what, yeah your one too."---311

"Unity is a crucial source of awareness for me: it is the foundation of empathy and connectedness; it is the principle that expresses the integrity of existence."---Marcia Falk

"The essential claim of the fundamentalist is that he knows the truth."
---Andrew Sullivan


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