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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clouds of Meaning 

The depth of definitions offered at Urban Dictionary allow for such nuance. Nuance is the lifeblood of the Clarion Content's thoughts about meaning. In our mind's eye all words carry an ever changing cloud of meaning around them. Each word is the center of a cloud and the ultimate boundries of both denotation and connotation are amorphous and ever changing, as language evolves.

Words and meaning analogize well with clouds. Clouds are never stagnant, they are always in motion, nor do they ever have perfectly defined edges, the edge is Heisenbergian1, uncertain, and viewed through the lens of the observer. Further all the clouds interact in an especially complex and co-related way in the ecosystem that is the Earth's atmosphere, much as words and language do in our human travels. Butterfly wings on the other side of the language world resonate.

1Those seeking the meaning of words and subsequently adopting them as part of their vocabulary effect the very meaning of said words through this process.

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