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Monday, February 27, 2012

Farmigo: Local farming hits Social Media 

Launched a little over six months ago Farmigo is a sign-up platform for farmers to find local consumers, consumers to find local farmers and consumers to find each other. Like so many recent internet innovations, layers of middleman are removed in one feel swoop. It is peer-to-peer produce, if you will.

The idea for Farmigo is a social media platform for discovering, signing up for, and sharing Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) programs. CSAs are groups where enrolled members of the community agree with farmers to purchase a certain amount of produce, and then pick that food up at local dropoff points at regular intervals. For example, some CSA's in the Durham area deliver food to be picked up at the Farmer's Market. CSAs have been around for ages and the Clarion Content knows more than one person enrolled in such a program.

But as we understand it, the difficulty for both farmers and foodies has been the information bottleneck, finding each other. A little Google searching revealed a site where one can find North Carolina CSAs locally, see here. Farmigo plans to aggregate this information.

Who needs or wants more intermediaries between you and your food. Less middlemen, means less time on a truck, mean less gas used, means less pricey, and closer means fresher, too, all while supporting the local economy.

An interesting idea to be sure!

Farmigo operates with a similar methodology to Google search, information of available is increasing powerful and relevant as more people use the site.

Read more about it here.

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