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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some fly music come our way 

At the Clarion Content, we tell you, send us your links. If we like them, we will run them. See something cool, outrageous, outlandish, important? Have a great cause or website? Send us the link.

On that note, two musical project videos hit the Clarion Content editorial desk recently. Music to move the needle.

One came to us from a local source, though through the interwebs the creator is likely quite distant. Check out DJ Silence's fly entry for the PowerTools Remix Contest.

This second project, Dublab, out of Los Angeles is a bit more well known. They are an DJ collective for lack of a better term.1 This looks like it'd be a super fun place to work.

1Our system forces this kind of collective entity to incorporate to protect the individuals under our byzantine complex of laws (and then perpetuates the fallacy of corporate personhood).

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