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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A social network for young Entrepreneurs 

What's up next in social networking?

Every once in a while, you say something around the office, in the course of batting about ideas, and it catches fire. This is one of those cases. The Clarion Content's editor/publisher mentioned to our lead web programmer, and resident young genius, Javier Sandoval, that there is a dearth of professionalism in young people today, especially when it comes to networking.

We ruminated on how it seems odd for a generation tied to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, but for all the socializing these kids do on the internet, they do not use it for traditional business networking and collaboration purposes. Sandoval, himself a mere seventeen, does not stand still when he hears a good suggestion.

He and his team are attempting to develop what they call a Linked-in for teenagers. They hope to develop a platform for young entrepreneurs to network, brainstorm, and collaborate. The tentative name is Pentaplate. They have submitted their idea to a Facebook based venture capital-seed money contest, The Next Teen Tycoon. The winners of a public vote receive $4,000 in start-up capital.

You can vote here at www.vote.pentaplate.com

Please do!

Voting continues through Friday, February 24th.


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