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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's going on? 

Marvin might have sung, "Mercy, mercy, mercy..." this year too, had he been here with us to bear witness.1 So much is afoot, and of course, the Man does not like us to know about all of it, lest we start thinking the Mayans are about to come charging out of the proverbial closet. Hence why, the Obama administration is not only shutting down the #Occupy camps, but having them bulldozed and picked clean afterward, to eradicate any memory of the potential efficacy of resistance. By the same logic,2 it is unlikely you heard much about the denial of service attack launched by Anonymous Friday.

All they did was shut down the CIA's website, as reported by CNN here. The CIA, of course, admitted nothing. Remember, folks, "We the People" and the fact that our taxes pay their salaries, guarantees you nada. When the Leviathan takes over, it doesn't answer to Congressional Subcommittees, let alone peon ordinary citizens,3 like us.

The Anonymous team also shut down the State of Alabama's website in what its press release touted as a protest of Alabama's House Bill 56, fascist immigration legislation, that became law in the state last year.4

Voice of America5 reported the CIA would only say, "We are aware of the problems accessing our Web site and are working to resolve them." The site was back online Saturday.

Nothing happening, nothing to see here. Go on about your business.

Notes and Jibes
1Try to imagine this phrase governing actual and active political resistance, rather than a publicity loving, but late game loathing basketball player.

2Quash the knowledge, quash the knowledge and maybe they won't fight it. Sung to the tune of "Oh my Darlin, Clementine".

3Ordinary becomes a necessary and important modifier for citizens in a society in which not all members play by the same rules. See the American judicial system and its treatment of the rich for further clarification.

4You might recall this law, straight out of the Politburo's Central Committee, gave Alabama cops the right to demand people show their papers and prove their citizenship, lest they be summarily locked up until they can.

5You know the government run media-arm. Certain friends of the Clarion Content have vociferously disputed our position that a government for and by the People has no need to run a news information outlet. VOA is only necessary when the government needs its position spun to palatablity.

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